Aviran supported us in the team development of our company Cordian GmbH and helped us to improve our pitch / presentation skills whenever we spoke in front of clients or audiences. I appreciate Aviran's methodical competence together with his sensitive way of dealing with colleagues and clients. Working with Aviran has always been an enriching and value-add experience.

Gunter Gemmel 

CEO at Cordian GmbH

Our team at Seedrs Berlin had an opportunity to work with Aviran Edri through a series of well-guided exercises that we, as a team, found powerful, modern and very practical. We definitely accomplished all the goals we wanted to, but even more importantly - Aviran has created and orchestrated an environment of learning (by doing), sharing different skills and experiences - an environment where everyone felt comfortable and empowered with new skills. We very much look forward to work with Aviran again!

Kyrill Zlobenko


Aviran coached and helped guide me through my acting career. It was great working with someone who understands the complexity of being an artist and was able to give me tools that helped me manage my artistic progress and take control of my theatre and film career.

Michelle Narkiss